The Rizues Ltd.

We were experiencing regular disruptions to our business due to re-starts of server, following a rapid business expansion. This effectively meant our productivity downtime was approx. 1 working day a week and staff had to wait 20-25 minutes on each occasion server was restarted!

I met Bilal Awan, by coincidence, during a trip back to the U.K. in late 2016 and after a brief introduction and learning that his business was IT services in Ireland, I expressed my concern about our IT system performance and how it was affecting the business productivity. Bilal offered me a complementary site audit, which I accepted after a couple of follow up telephone conversations. Upon completing the initial site audit, we were provided with a clear recommended solution and proposal for ongoing support.


At the time, we took Bilal’s company on board, he was looking to expand into the U.K. and he has since then acquired an IT company in the United Kingdom, which in my opinion, is a reflection of his vision and ambition to expand his horizons beyond the boundaries of one country to a global platform – indeed a first step to fulfil his dream to have business presence in 12 countries!


The Rizues Ltd (Rizues) is an approved uniform supplier to HS and many UK public and private sector organisations and I must say the decision to take Bilal’s company, Fortwell Business Systems (previously known as i-Tech) has proven the right decision. This has allowed us to focus on our core business rather than IT related issues and matters.


Having Fortwell Business Systems monitoring tools installed, using their advisory service and implementing the proposed IT strategic plan base on Rizues growth and future technology requirements, we are in a position to make our 3 – 36 month IT plan a reality.


Dr. Rizwan Hameed


The Rizues Ltd.

West Yorkshire, UK