Strategic Planning & Project Management

Most company’s take a reactionary approach when it comes to growing or updating their IT Infrastructure. This can lead to large and unnecessary spend. At Fortwell Business Systems we can provide you with a Strategic IT Plan that aligns with your Business Strategy. This will allow you to predict costs of your IT infrastructure growth and as with all other strategies they help to manage budgeting and reduce costs overall.

Moving premises? We understand that extended down-time is not an option for any business. We will move you out of hours, so your staff can leave one office on Friday evening and go to different surrounding on Monday morning with their IT systems seemingly identical. To mitigate any possible teething problems in the move, our Engineers will conduct extensive reviews of both the old and new premises, provide you with a detailed plan and liaise with any relevant third parties on your behalf as well as being available on the first day of business at your new premises to deal with any ad hoc issues.

Office 365 Implementation

We have fully certified Microsoft Engineers and in our business we also rely on Microsoft Applications. Therefore we understand the importance of these applications for business productivity and we are also aware of the issues your staff may come across with Office 365 and have developed easy to understand solutions and training procedures. We will take the hassle out of O365 by procuring, deploying, migrating and training your staff to ensure they are getting the best out of this superior product. There are many underrated features of O365 including: –
• Emails will be held in the cloud, meaning it will be easily available anywhere and will sync across all devices that it is accessed on
• O365 can be given as an ‘out of the box’ SaaS platform or can be tailored to your specific business needs
• Legislative hold is available for Email, which allows you to keep ex-employees mailboxes available to you if you need to access historic information without taking up space on your server
• Office 365 has in-built security and continuous compliance which gives you extra layers of security and provides piece of mind to you and your customers.

GDPR Compliance & Network Security

Encryption, Backup & Archiving

We all hold sensitive data which is vital to the running of our business. Now under GDPR, we all have an obligation to keep that data safe. One of the many layers of security that can be applied is Data Encryption. Encryption simply means translating your data from plain text into a secret code and the only way to decrypt is with a key or password.

Backup is a standard practice, not only in business but in daily life. We all regularly back up our personal laptops, phones and tablets. Not only can we recover your data should any issue arise with your systems, we can also ensure that the data being backed up is good data. We often find businesses make a good effort at maintaining backups but the data being backed up has been corrupted without their knowledge and therefor unrecoverable.

Secure Data Archiving is the process of moving encrypted data, that is no longer actively used, to a separate data storage device for long-term retention. This frees up space on your server while also allowing you to access any historic data for future reference and regulatory compliance.

Business Continuity

If you have ever considered a Business Continuity Plan to be a luxury, ask yourself this question. How much does an hour of downtime cost your business? How about 4 hours? What about an entire day? During business our time is one of our most precious commodities and without a Business Continuity Plan and measures in place for Disaster Recovery, businesses can lose manhours which translates directly into a monetary value.

At Fortwell Business Systems we have Business Continuity Plans that can be tailored to meet your needs based on industry, IT Infrastructures, organisation size and budget.

Wi – Fi and Network Segregation

Wi-Fi and Network Segregation, allows you to give access to guests and staff without compromising the security of your data. It allows you to assign levels of control and access based on your own internal policy as well as allowing you to easily track activity within your Network. Ideally you should separate these systems and have a “guest” Wi – Fi access so your