We will conduct a full and in-depth audit of every facet of your IT Infrastructure and operations. Audits are necessary for all organisations to determine if their controls and infrastructure are operating at the highest level of productivity, are up to date, compliant and are aligned with your Company’s goals.

Our Engineers will come to your office and asses, in detail, every aspect of your IT infrastructure, after which a full solution report will be provided to you.

A full IT Systems Audit will demystify where your organisations sits within the compliance sphere and answer the following pertinent questions: –

  • What vulnerabilities does our network have?
  • Are we using the best and most relevant line of business applications?
  • Are we using the most efficient and correct hardware?
  • Are our systems healthy?
  • Are we GDPR compliant? (May 2018)
  • Are our applications and operating systems up to date?
  • Are we using the correct Firewall and Anti-Virus?
  • Is our Firewall and Anti-Virus working correctly?

Just call us on 01 444 4455 and we can arrange a time that suits you.