You focus on growing your core business while we take care of your technology needs

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We will identify and assess your

Cyber Security;
Technology Vulnerability;
Productivity & Compliance


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We will anticipate and avert I.T. issues as
well as identify performance leakages
through 24/7 I.T. monitoring to safeguard your
business continuity and effectiveness


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We will manage
your I.T. Systems and
keep your systems productive;
updated and secure


Is your business ready for GDPR?

In May 2018 the new regulations governing General Data Protection Regulation for all EU countries come in to effect.

Personal data must be collected for specified explicit and legitimate purposes.

Customers and contacts must be aware of the particular uses for this data. Customers have to “opt-in” rather than the widely used “opt-out” system.

What our esteemed customers say about us

We have had couple of disaster situations where we lost all of our data. we approached Fortwell for a solution, and they discussed in detail our requirements and provided us with comprehensive solution.

Since we have started using their suggested solution, it has been a complete peace of mind with surety that our data is fully backed up and we have a complete disaster recovery plan in place.

We had a detailed sittings with Bilal and his team, where we planned our next 4 year growth and put strategic plan to meet our IT growth, this helped us streamlining our predictive IT budget spend for next 3-4 years.

We’ve been a customer of Fortwell Business Systems (formely i-Tech) for many years; we find them very responsive to all of our IT needs.

I know if I have a problem, I can phone the helpdesk and it will be resolved, within reason, straight away.

We recently moved office and everything went very smoothly thanks to all of David and Bilal’s thorough planning. David went above and beyond working after hours to ensure our downtime was minimized.

We’ve also expanded our workforce by 50% in the last year and Fortwell Business Systems (formely i-Tech) have helped us with different IT solutions to help us minimize cost and keep our workforce happy and productive.

I am very pleased to be working closely again with Mr. Bilal and Fortwell Business Systems

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We were experiencing regular disruptions to our business due to re-starts of server, following a rapid business expansion. This effectively meant our productivity downtime was approx. 1 working day a week and staff had to wait 20-25 minutes on each occasion server was restarted!

Having Fortwell Business Systems monitoring tools installed, using their advisory service and implementing the proposed IT strategic plan base on Rizues growth and future technology requirements, we are in a position to make our 3 – 36 month IT plan a reality.

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Fortwells high level experts have managed their work very professionally, leaving customers on a high level of satisfaction which opened yet another set of opportunities and projects.

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Bilal sat down with us in the House of Finance and we discussed in detail our strategic plans for the next 3-5 years focusing at trends of month in our customer base and completing a plan on I.T expansion and allocation of budgets with I.T. infrastructure and spread the cost based on the priority of our needs.

We were very impressed with Fortwell Business Systems on the three areas we discussed in detail, as they were:

Detect – Prevent – Support

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Since we have started using their suggested solution, it has been complete peace of mind with surety that our data is fully backed up and we have a complete disaster recovery plan in place.

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Bilal and his staff have provided all of our IT solutions, be a plan to add more staff in practice and fulfilling technology needs or planning our IT expansion needs and putting strategy in place. The service which Bilal provides is excellent and is a source of great comfort for a lay person such as me.

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